What are hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas are a genus name that has above 70 species of flowering plants in it. This plant is most commonly found in many regions of American and Asian countries. The species of this plant can be classified into shrubs and trees. Mostly, many species of hydrangea are shrubs and it has few trees and lianas. These hydrangea species flower from in the spring and autumn season. Also, these plants are considered as an ornamental plant and are planted commonly in china. Further, the flowers of this plant are attractive and are commonly found during the summer season. So, do deer eat hydrangeas?

Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas

Do deer eat hydrangeas?

Yes, deer love to eat hydrangea plants. The foliage of these plants is attractive and deer love to eat the foliage of these plants. The new plants get destroyed completely by deer but, the old plants manage to survive the attack. So, people should grow the new plants safely to prevent from deer and this can be done by keeping a protective wiring over the plants for few weeks.