Deer Resistant Trees-5 Best Picks

Deer Resistant Trees-5 Best Picks

Deer is a wild animal that is spread out all over the world. They rely on fruits, vegetables, and leaves of plants for their survival. In many places, the vegetables and fruits are grown in the garden and hence, these animals invade those gardens for their survival.

5 Best Deer Resistant Trees

They are referred as the predators and they should be kept away from the garden to save the crops from destruction. There are many ways and methods to avoid the entry of deer in the garden. One such important method is growing deer repellent trees in the yard.

Deer resistant trees      

There are many plants that repel deer from the yard such as shrubs, grass, herbs, bushes, etc., The list of the important deer resistant trees includes,

Mimosa tree

The mimosa tree is a beautiful tree with attractive flowers. The flowers attract bees and butterflies easily. This tree can be grown easily and they grow about 20-25 meters tall. Also, it can tolerate various conditions such as heat, humidity, drought etc., and has a head turning flowers, which are pink and white in color. It is also referred as silk tree or Persian silk tree and is the super fast growing tree that can resist deer and some other predators.

Autumn blaze red maple

The red maple tree is the fast growing tree with a hardy nature and brilliant color. This tree suits all the places in your garden and it looks very attractive during spring than the other seasons; during spring, the leaves turn red in color and stars shedding slowly. The maximum height of this tree is about 60 feet and the emerging leaves are slightly red in color and the tree repels deer effectively and helps to safeguard the garden.

Black hill spruce tree

The black hill spruce tree is an evergreen coniferous tree. This tree has vibrant dark green foliage and can withstand cold climates. It is hence a cold adapted tree and the leaves of this tree are reduced in the form of spines.

This tree acquires a natural conical shape without trimming. Also, planting this tree in the garden adds beauty to the garden. Furthermore, this tree lives long and requires only less maintenance. The foliage of these trees repels deer from invading the garden.

Bur oak tree

Bur oak tree is a high-quality ornamental tree, which is also referred as mossy cup oak tree. This tree has a long life of about 200-300 years; the maximum height of this tree is about 100 feet and has flowers from which acorns originate; further, these acorns serves as food for many small animals and birds. It also eliminates deer from invading the region.

Ginkgo tree

This is a truly living tree that has no close relatives; it is also referred as maidenhair tree. This tree is durable even under much hazardous conditions such as pollution, drought, winter, wind, etc. Further, the female ginkgo tree produces yellow plum-like fruit with a nut. In addition to this, the tree has medical benefit leaves that resist pest and insects apart from restricting deer entry. The fall color of this tree is beautiful, lime yellow in color.

These are the top 5 trees that suit the best to repel deer; so, choose the best tree and plant it in your garden to get rid of the deer.

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