Deer Resistant Bushes- Best 5 Evergreen Bushes

Deer Resistant Bushes- Best 5 Evergreen Bushes

A bush is a form of a plant which is small in size and is capable of growing up to medium size. The bushes consist of numerous branches and are shorter than trees. In most of the gardens or landscapes, people tend to grow evergreen bushes in order to add beauty to the place.

Deer Resistant Bushes

They are bushy and when placed closer, they can form an enclosure to sit and relax within them. However, the areas prone to deer attacks are troubled by the destruction of bushes by the deer. Usually, the gardens are planted with a number of coniferous bushes so that the deer feels uncomfortable to eat the bushes.

However, the coniferous bushes do not add beauty to your landscape. So, the alternative is to plant evergreen bushes that are both good looking and also keep deer away.

Deer Resistant Bushes-Top 5 Picks

To help you choose the evergreen deer resistant bushes to plant in your garden, we have picked the top 7 varieties that include the following,


It is botanically known as Leucothoe spp and is an east coast native shrub. They spread to a height of the human knee up to the waist at a height of 2 to 4 feet tall and has leaves which are green in color and are glossy and produces white flowers as bunches. The branches grow to form an arch or fall down to the ground level. They can grow in a partial shade area with moderate watering.

Evergreen barberry

It is botanically named to be berberis spp. The plant is unique by producing red colored flowers at the spring season and darker berries in the fall season. Some of its species have light colored leaves in the fall season. They are capable of growing up to 3 to 4 feet tall under full or partial sunlight with a moderate water requirement.

Sweet box

The sweet box which is sarcococca spp. botanically looks similar to the dog hobble. The bushes produce flowers which are white in color and berries which are red in color. The white colored flowers emit fragrance which is pleasant smelling. It is preferred to grow it in an area with more shade. They grow up to a height of 3 to 5 feet tall with low watering conditions under full shade.

Alpine pinks

It is botanically named as Dianthus alpinus. It shows the presence of leaves that are neat and dark green in color to form a cushion. The flowers are known as dianthus that is white, red or pink in color and is extra large in size; usually produced in the mid of the summer and are also sweet smelling. They are capable of growing up to a height of 4 to 8 feet tall. To produce food, the plant requires full sunlight and has to be placed in a medium shaded area with periodic watering.

Tricolor stonecrop

It is also known as sedum spurium botanically. These are a variety of plants that crawl on the ground while growing. The bush shows the presence of leaves that are green, pink and white colored. This is the reason the plant is named as tricolor stonecrop. The flowers are produced as groups which are in the shape of a star. They grow up to a height of 4 to 6 feet height and require full sun for food production. They have to be placed in shaded areas and have to be watered in a minimal amount.

These are the 5 best picks of deer resistant bushes that can be grown in your garden to keep deer away as well as look good. You can also refer to the websites for the suggestions of various bushes to be placed in the garden and pick the one according to your locality and weather conditions. If you find this article to be useful, share it on social networking site

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