Damminix Tick Tubes- Is It Effective In Controlling Deer Ticks?

Damminix Tick Tubes- Is It Effective In Controlling Deer Ticks?

If you have the trouble of deer walking through your garden, then you are almost near to get deer ticks. The ticks are a tiny creature that lives on animals and spread the Lyme disease to the host. The deer carries adult ticks alone.

Damminix Tick Tubes- Is It Effective In Controlling Deer Ticks

They spread the ticks that carry bacteria, to the other small animals present in the garden. The ticks are hard to be found and destroyed. So, it is necessary to control ticks to prevent yourself from being a victim of the Lyme disease. For this, the tick tubes are considered beneficial.

What are damminix tick tubes?

As you are aware, the deer spread ticks with Lyme disease-causing bacteria. However, you may not be aware of the fact that the Lyme disease is transferred especially through the mice. So, the tick tubes of damminix were manufactured with an objective of targeting mice to help in fighting against the deer ticks.

Damminix Tick Tubes

Key features: permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, one box of 24 covers.

Pros: natural compound extracted from chrysanthemum.

The product comes as a cardboard in a tube form. The cardboard tube is filled with tiny cotton balls which are soaked in permethrin solution; which is effective in controlling deer. Permethrin is a natural compound that is extracted from the flower named chrysanthemum. The tick tubes are hence biodegradable.

How does it work?

The permethrin is a safe insecticide which is a poison only for the ticks. On contrary to the spray deer repellents, the tick tubes can be placed anywhere in a garden. When the mice find the cardboard boxes, they get near them to pick the cotton balls in order to create comfortable bedding for its nest. They then create a nest with this cotton ball lining. By living in a nest made of permethrin-treated cotton, they get rid of ticks on their body thus securing your household from ticks.

When and where should I use them?

It depends on the stage of the ticks. Usually, the adult ticks are less potential to carry lymph disease whereas; the nymph stage and the larval stage of the tick carry the bacteria in an abundant way where the larval stage takes place between the months of July and August, and the nymph stage occurs between mid-Aprils to June.

The tick tubes have to be targeted best to kill the ticks in the larval stage itself. The larval stage does not carry ticks however they have to be destroyed as if it is allowed to grow; it develops to form a nymph which carries ticks. So, it is necessary to place tick tubes in both these periods of time.

Also, the ticks mature to grow as an adult in the fall time and it is not necessary to place the tubes at this time as the adults do not spread the bacteria. The number of tick tubes required depends on the area of the garden, though.

Is it efficient?

The damminix tick tubes are considered better when compared to the harmful insecticides. Also, they are approved by the EFA stating that they are safe for humans. When compared to the insecticides and other repellents, the tick tubes are proven to reduce ticks carrying Lyme disease up to 10 fold.

The product was tested by the Ecoheath Inc. on the village of Fire Island Pines in New York. The village contains nearly 400 homes and they purchase a large amount of tick tubes every year. So, the Ecohealth had chosen this area to confirm the efficiency of the tick tubes in a large scale application.

They inspected the lands with tick tubes and those that are not having tick tubes, for eight years continuously. Upon observation, they found up to 90% risk reduction every year. Thus the product is proven efficient.


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