Do Deer Eat Azaleas?- A Deer Susceptible Shrub

Do Deer Eat Azaleas?- A Deer Susceptible Shrub

What are azaleas?

An azalea is a shrub which produces flowers during the spring season. They are likely to be planted in shady areas mostly under the trees or the places with more shades. The azaleas can grow between 8 to 20 feet high. The shrub is easy to maintain and produces flowers which are bright colored. And, do deer eat azaleas?

Do Deer Eat Azaleas

Do deer eat azaleas?

But, the azaleas are not deer resistant; they are munched by the deer to satisfy its hunger. In fact, they are the most damaged species of shrubs. The leaves and the nectar of the shrub are toxic to be consumed.

How to protect azaleas?

If you wish to grow this particular shrub, and protect it from the deer, the best option is to grow a short variety of it in a small container and place it indoors or plant other deer resistant trees surrounding the azalea.

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