Do Deer Eat Geranium?

Do Deer Eat Geranium?

What is geranium?   

Geranium is a genus name that has 144 varieties of species in it. These are flowering plants that have many commercial uses. The species of geranium may be perennial, annual or biennial.

These plants can be grown very easily with simple plantation method. Further, they can grow in regions with moderate heat and hence, they are commonly found in many Asian and American countries. Even the stem cuttings of this plant can be used to grow in your garden. And, the flower of these plants is brightly colored with various colors depending on the species.

Do Deer Eat Geranium

Are they deer resistant?

In general, many people think geranium is only a beautiful flowering plant. But, they also have other uses; these small plants resist spreading of pests in the garden. Also, there are many varieties of geranium plants; the annual and the perennial plants of geranium restrict predators like a rabbit, deer etc., from entering into the garden.

Do deer eat Geranium?

Deer does not eat this plant because of its taste and texture. This plant is rated far behind the wished category of deer. So, this plant can be planted near the fencing off the garden to avoid the deer from exploring your garden. Hence, it is recommended to use the good species of this plant in your garden to avoid deer.

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