Do deer eat mums?

Do deer eat mums?

What are mums?

Mums are flowering plants and are also referred to as chrysanthemum or chrysanths. While they are easy to plan, they are naturally spread out in many Asian and European countries because they have various commercial uses and in the latest years they came into America. They are photoperiodic, which means that the flowers bloom when the days grow shorter. This plant can be used as a natural insecticide for other plants and can control air pollution and it can also be used to make beverages. Also, it is used to make tea in many Asian countries.

Do deer eat mums

Do deer eat mums?

Not really, this plant is deer-resistant because the flowers of this plant produce a strong odor. The smell of this plant avoids the entry of predators like deer, rabbit, etc. Deer commonly depend on green plants during the spring and the summer season; when in search of food, they reach the household gardens. To avoid this, mums have to be planted in the open area along the sides of the garden.

The following ways should be adopted while planting mums in the surrounding area.

  • Consider an open spot in your garden.
  • Make sure that that place will receive sunlight for a minimum of 5 hours per day.
  • Check whether the soil drains well.
  • Plant the mums of your choice in the soil and water it regularly.

Mums can be planted at any season but, spring season is prescribed for its growth. So, plant mums in spring and keep your garden safe from deer.

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  1. Robert

    deer do eat mums, believe me I caught them on my security camera eating all the flowers on mums

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