Deer Proof Plants For Different Regions

Deer Proof Plants For Different Regions

Persons with yard always have the fear of predators. Certain predators like deer may attack their lawn and damage the crops in the lawn. The easiest and natural way to get rid of deer is to use of deer proof plants.

Deer proof Plants For Different Regions

These plants have specific features for eradicating the deer from the lawn. The commonly used plants to repel deer according to their region include,

Features of the deer proof plant

There are many common features as listed below,

  • Most commonly, the deer resistant plants have a strong odor as in lavender, sages, oregano etc.
  • Certain deer resistant plants may have acrid sap like euphorbia.
  • Some plants will have fuzzy leaves like cistus, halimium, etc. and can also restrict deer and the plants with gray/silver foliage, to restrict deer in the lawn.

The deer can be completely avoided from entering into the lawn with the help of the strongly smelling plants. Deer senses the smell of the area and this strong odor will make them feel uneasy.

Deer proof plants  

There are more than 100’s of plants in the world that strongly resist deer. The most important among them according to their region are listed below.

Deer repellent plant in the northeast

Bee balm: This is a gorgeous plant with bright flowers. This plant attracts hummingbirds, butterflies etc., and avoids rabbits and deer from entering the lawn.

Golden marguerite: This is a suitable summer flower that is yellow in color. It has fuzzy leaves and avoids deer from entering the region.

Deer repellent plant in the Midwest

Amsonia: This is an easy to grow plant with attractive blue flowers. This plant avoids the entry of deer in the yard.

Butterfly weed: This plant attracts butterflies in your yard and avoids predators like deer. This is a heat and drought resistant flower with a cluster of orange flowers.

Deer repellent plant in the south

Caryopteris: This plant repels deer and other predators with its scented, silver-green color foliage. The flower of this plant appears in clusters and is violet-blue in color.

Chrysanthemum: This is a traditional flower that has a wide range of colors. This plant has scented foliage and this will avoid the deer.

Deer repellent plant in the mountain west and high planes

Ajuga: This is a top notch ground cover plant with purple-green flowers. These plants spread easily in the shady regions of the garden and eradicate the deer completely.

Purple coneflower: This flower blooms for weeks and suits the best for the butterflies to live in and it has a rough foliage which avoids the deer. The traditional flower is purple in color but, there are various hybrid varieties in this flower.

Deer repellent plant in the Northwest

Ligularia: This plant offers good foliage and suits perfectly for the shady regions of your yard. It grows best in the moist soil and it has yellow colored flowers during summer.

Yellow wax bells: This plant creates a wonderful texture in your garden. It has a big maple leaf and long-lasting yellow flowers. It eradicates the deer effectively and adds color to the garden.

Deer repellent plants in the southwest

Oriental poppy: Oriental poppy plant offers a blast of spring color in your garden with its paper-like flowers. This plant often goes dormant by midsummer and grows like a creeper.

Rosemary: The rosemary flower produces a pleasant smell and this smell attracts many butterflies in the garden. This scent smell will avoid the deer entering into the garden.

The above are the various deer repellent plants available in the various regions of the world. So, choose the best plant for your region and save your yard from deer. If you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.

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