Deer Repellent-Things To Know To Keep Deer Away

Deer Repellent-Things To Know To Keep Deer Away

Watching a deer grazing a field is a pleasure sight unless the garden belongs to you. Deer is a kind of animal which usually lives in a jungle with plenty of tall trees, shrubs and grassy landscapes. Whenever the deer sights a similar area and in case if it is hungry, it considers the place to be its own home and start grazing the area.

Deer Repellent

The hungry deer can destroy your garden or yard in a matter of seconds. To avoid the destruction of your garden by a deer, you have to apply a deer repellent method in order to safeguard your greenery.

Deer Repellent- What Are The Different ways Of Repelling?

To help you deter deer, we have listed down all the possible ways of repelling methods.

Repelling deer with fencing

The most common method of keeping deer away is by building a fence around the garden. For this, the fence has to be built with a mesh size of gaps up to a dimension of 6*6 inches maximum.  Further, they have to be fixed to the ground such that they get buried below the soil. This is said to be the traditional fencing method.

On the other hand, the fencing can be made electrical with the help of the electrical netting. This method is known as electric fencing. The electric methods work better than the traditional method. Refer the cheap and inexpensive fencing ideas for repelling deer for a detailed solution.

Repelling deer with homemade methods

There are various homemade methods that act as effective deer repellents. As the deer has a strong sense of odour, most of the homemade products are strongly odorous. The well known homemade deer repellents include using the garlic, hair, blood meal, processed sewage, decaying fish heads, mothballs and much more.

Those that produce a foul smell and taste are considered to repel deer effectively. Also, a bar soap with a strong scent, ammonia soaked clothes, and sprays of hot pepper Tabasco sauce, habanero pepper sauce are proven beneficial to repel deer when applied on plants.

Repelling deer with commercial controls   

There are a wide variety of commercial repellents available for purchase on the market. They have to be applied on plants to work efficiently. Furthermore, these products have to be applied at regular intervals of time to keep the deer away as they will lack potency after some time.

These commercial repellents usually contain the active ingredients of rotten egg, oil of garlic, Capsaicin and dried blood. The best commercial repellents include the Damminix tick tubes, Scarecrow motion activated sprinkler, Milorganite organic fertilizerLiquid Fence deer repellentDeer Scram deer repellentHavahart Spray Away repeller, etc.

Repelling deer with electronic products

The deer can be kept away by frightening them .They are usually afraid of noises as they have an alert tendency against the predators. The noise can be produced by fixing a siren, radios firecrackers, sprinklers, whistles.

There is a wide range of electronic products available for keeping deer away such as the motion activated sensor lights, and motion activated sensor sprinklers. They sense the motion with the help of the infrared sensors and sprays water over the animal.

A sudden sprinkle of water along with a loud noise will frighten the deer without harming and help to get the deer away. Refer the top 5 electronic deer repellents to get a better idea.

Repelling deer with plants

The deer can be kept away by planting a number of plants that are not liked by the deer and have a strong and pungent smell. In addition to that, consider planting trees that pricks with thorns as they act as a defence barrier against deer.

Also, avoid planting trees such as Bluebell, Calluna, Clematis, Geranium, Lupin, Rose, Pines, Rowan, etc. that are a feed of the deer and attract them to eat the list of the most commonly planted trees in the garden that resist deer include, Camella, cistus, Hellebore, Hosta, Iris, Hydrangea, Lavender, Poppy, Primula, etc. Further planting shrubs of mint, peppermint, garlic around the garden will repel deer.


To conclude, the destruction of your lovely garden by deer can be prevented by using deer repellents. We have listed all the beneficial deer repellents in this article. Hope this article helped you in keeping the deer away from your garden.

In case if you have any queries related to the article, feel free to ask us through our contact form. Also, if you are aware of any other deer repellents, let us know them by writing to us. We will add them if we feel it be relevant and beneficial.

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