Garlic Barrier- How To Use Garlic To Keep Away deer?

Garlic Barrier- How  To Use Garlic To Keep Away deer?

The garlic scent helps to drive the deer away from the garden. Even though the deer is  the calmest animal, it damages the beauty of the garden. The garlic plays a very important role in keeping the deer away from your lawn. You can apply the garlic in various forms to prevent the deer from entering  the house.

Garlic Barrier- How To Use Garlic To Keep Away deer

The deer hates the smell of garlic and hence, its strong odor helps to protect the farm.

Garlic Pepper Spray

Mix five pieces of garlic with hot pepper and add some amount of minced onion. Then mix the liquid dish soap with it. Blend the combination until it becomes smooth. Combine these with the hot water, in the bucket or in the watering can. Leave them to settle for 2 days. Then, pour them into the spray bottle and spray it on the dried leaves of the plants at the top and also at the bottom.

Garlic Mineral Oil Spray

Chop the bulbs of the onion into small pieces. Then add mineral oil into it. The garlic has to be soaked in the oil for at least a day. In a separate container, pour some amount of water and fish emulsion fertilizer. Next step is to add the garlic and oil in that container. Store the mixture in a sealed container. When you are supposed to use the mixture, one had to dilute the mixture with garlic and oil.

Finally, fill the combination in the spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the plants. The important thing to note is to check whether the plants are in dry condition. You can apply the spray on it whenever needed.


It is highly recommended to avoid applying at the time of summer and also when the plants are exposed to the direct sunlight. So, based on the weather conditions, you should spray the garlic over the plants.

Following this method regularly will help you to deter deer. If you find this method to be useful, share it on social networking sites.


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