Hinder Deer Repellent- Are They Effective?

Hinder Deer Repellent- Are They Effective?

Hinder deer repellent is one of the cost-effective product as they consist of ammonium soaps along with the fatty acids. The hinder product helps in repelling the deer in an efficient manner with its smell. It is the safest product to use over the apple, orange, carrots, peanuts, shrubs, soybeans, and flowers and is efficient in repelling the deer entering into the garden.

hinder deer repellent

Hinder Deer Repellent with the concentrate of 1 Gallon Reviewed

Read the review depicting its features to know if they are worth purchasing.

What is it?

The hinder deer repellent works by emitting a bad odor to repel the deer. It reduces the damage caused to the plants, vegetables, trees, pet animals, and humans. With the moderate use of the hinder deer repellent, it is effective to repel the deer out of the garden. The smell of this product helps to reduce the attraction of the deer towards the garden.

Are they effective?

Most of the gardeners prefer this hinder deer repellent product for its odor that resists deer entry. The sprayed hinder repellent stays over 5 to 7 days and is resistant to rain and over watering.

What does it contain?

As already mentioned, it helps to protect the plants, vegetables, and trees by giving out the bad odor. It is inoffensive and less expensive to be affordable for the humans. The major ingredient is the ammonia with higher fatty acids about 14 percent.

How to use?

For the smaller area of coverage, mix one to two drops of hinder deer repellent liquid and mix it with five gallons of water. For the larger area of coverage, mix two to four drops of the hinder deer repellent liquid with 100 gallons of water per acre.

The 1-gallon hinder deer repellent has the capacity to protect half an acre. It is hence, the most economic solution as it can be re-used after each and every heavy rainfall. It is safe on the foliage and does not stain.

Our suggestions

In the case of the dry conditions during the summer season, the hinder deer repellent solution should be applied continuously once in every 14 days, in order to protect and treat the plants from the deer.

Usually, heavy rain washes away the hinder deer repellent liquid applied in the garden. So, after every heavy rainfall, regular monitoring should be done to reapply the hinder deer repellent within 24 hours.

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