Coyote Repellent- Different Methods Of Repelling

Coyote Repellent- Different Methods Of Repelling

Are you aware of Coyotes? It causes danger to your pets, garden and even attacks the human beings. So, we should take the necessary steps to drive the coyote away from your house.

Coyote Repellent

It has the ability to adapt to the various climatic conditions and feed on all types of insects and pets.

Coyote repellents- Types

The different types of repelling coyotes include,


The height of the fencing should be at least 6 feet high and should extend up to 1 foot underground so as to prevent the coyote from jumping or digging the fence.  You should fence the ground with barb wire to prevent it digging under the fence.

The electric fencing plays a very good role in preventing the coyote from entering into the garden. Coyote rollers can be used on the wire fence to add greatest safety to your garden and also to your house.


It is considered as one of the best coyote repellent to drive away the coyote. You can use the trash can, to produce the sound and frighten the coyote with its noise. Also, one of my friends suggested  using the alarms to drive away the coyote as it gives the best results. Coyote is afraid of even the yell of the persons.

Propane exploders help in moving the coyotes away.  You can use the toys of the children to produce noise. Also, the strobe lights with sirens can help to deter the coyote and is considered as a good coyote repellent too.


Spray water on the coyote with a water hose but, it is necessary to spray from a place which the coyotes cannot suspect.

Odor Deterrents

You can sprinkle the moth balls or rags soaked in ammonia, around your garden or lawn to keep the coyotes away. The coyotes dislike their odor and hence, can’t withstand for the extended periods of time. It is quite expensive to maintain this method. Also, it won’t produce any harm to the coyote and is one of the safest coyote repellents.

Things To Note

It is advisable  to have an eye contact with the coyotes while driving them away to them from approaching and chasing you. Sometimes, it may hide in certain places and attack you. So, it is necessary to stand on the hidden places and implement the different methods on driving the coyote away from the lawn.

You can follow the above procedures to prevent the animal from entering into the garden or house. If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.

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