Ideas to get rid of Deer from your garden

Ideas to get rid of Deer from your garden

Deer is a beautiful and wonderful creature, but they can be a nuisance too for your garden if they start consuming your orchard, your favorite flowers, fruits, berry patch, etc. So how to get rid of them without killing them? Our blog has few ideas through which you can stop the deer from entering your garden or yard.chasing-deer

Ideas to get rid of Deer from Garden

Proceed below to check out few ideas through which you can avoid the deer getting your plants eaten.

Do not prefer plants that tend their taste buds

Lettuces are the favorite one for the deer, so avoid planting them in your garden. Similarly do not plant peas, beans, pansies, fruit trees, hastes, or in patients to prevent deer from getting out of your garden. Make sure you are not adding attractive colors to your garden, as deer love varieties of colors too. You can plant these things close to your home so that you can take care of it from deer every time.

Keep Strongly scented perennials

Deer has a sensitive nose, and therefore they can smell anything easily, so you need to plant flowers, herbs, etc. in a way that they don’t smell good to the deer. For e.g., you can plant perennials like lavender, garlic, chives, etc. to stop the deer from entering your garden.

Make use of Uncomfortable Plants around your garden

There are few plants that do not suit the deer, so make use of the barberries and other similar items so that deer will stay away from your plants, look for the plants that look dissimilar to your skin.

Ensure having Hedge about your Garden

Make a fence around your garden to keep the deer out, this is costly but a valid idea to stop them from entering your garden, or else you can make use of the pallets. You can use hedge of shrubs around the backyard or thick bushes to make your garden less attractive.

Stop feeding the birds

Many people love to feed bird in their garden and yards, many have adapted some feeders to attract the birds, but this would provide the great interest to the deer as they act as an easy food to them.

Scare deer by making noise

Deers are Skittish, and therefore they scare for noises, so make a little noise to stop the deer to enter your yard, there are many options for keeping them out, try with wind chime with the help of tin cans so that once they enter and make a tremendous noise. Apart from that, you can make use of radios or fireworks to stop the deer entering your yard.

Keep your garden clean

Make your garden leaves short, keep them clean so that there are chances for the deer to stop out of your garden. Ensure you remove all ripped vegetables, fruits from the backyard and keep only the fresh flowers, vegetables, and fruits so that the deer will stay away from your garden.

Final Words

Apart from this, there are many other techniques to stop deer entering your garden namely creating uneven ground, placing a scarecrow at your garden, wrapping your seedlings, using different repellants, homemade repellents, Turning the sprinklers, shedding some lights, etc.

Has anyone tried some other ideas to get the deer out? If so, drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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