How to Make a Scarecrow to Chase Deer Away

How to Make a Scarecrow to Chase Deer Away

Deer are one of the favorite animals for every human being, but they are considered to be the greatest enemies of the ones who own a garden. Yeah, Deer easily venture into human properties if they find the food in the place. Apart from damaging the plants, vegetables, and fruits in the garden, they are bringing more diseases like Lyme diseases and ticks to your garden or yards.

Scarecrow to Chase

Most of the people prefer to install a fence but it is considered to be an expensive option, and therefore many people cannot opt for that choice. The best option for eliminating the deer from reaching your yard or garden is to prepare a scarecrow which will keep the deer bay and away from your place.

As the Deer has poor sight, and therefore you can add some motion sensors to the scarecrow to keep the deer away. Today we will check how to make a scarecrow in depth below.

What Properties do you require?

Before going to the making of the scarecrow, it’s important to know the material needed for preparing the scarecrow to keep in your garden or yard. Proceed below for the things you need to have with you for the preparation.

  • One 7 feet long two by four & one 4 feet long two by four
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Nail Gun
  • Hay
  • Old Button Down Shirt
  • Post hole digger
  • Shovel
  • Old Gloves
  • String
  • Old Hat
  • Solar powered motion sensor
  • Old Scarf
  • Burlap Sack
  • Marker (Permanent)

The making of Scarecrow

It’s simple to build a scarecrow for eliminating the deer from your place, follow the below steps.

  • You need to nail both 4 feet long two by four and 7 feet long two by four horizontally to build a cross.
  • With the help of a post hole digger or shovel, make a hole in the ground. Make sure the hole is one feet deep and then insert the cross bottom into the hole, the cross base with dirt needed to be packed around within the aperture.
  • Now make use of a shirt to develop a scarecrow, as I mentioned earlier go with the down button shirt as this would be the best option and will work better when compared to up shirt, make sure you slide down through the post to the arms and then put the button of the shirt.
  • Take hay and insert over the short, make use of the string to tie around the shirt at its bottom so that you can stop the hay coming from the sleeve.
  • You can use a glove at hay end which is getting emerged from the arms sleeves.
  • Stuff enough hay until you make the head shape, now you need to place the head on the vertical two by four on top, similarly, make use of a string to tie to the bottom of the shirt to stop the grass coming out.
  • Tuck the burlap sack bottom to the shirt’s top.
  • With the help of the permanent marker, draw a face over the burlap sack and then give a front for the scarecrow.
  • Take a hat that is old and place it in over the scarecrow head and use a scarf to wrap around the scarecrow neck.
  • For the motion sensor, you can make use of the solar powered one and therefore when there is a sign for the deer, the motion sensor get tripped, and the bright light will definitely scare them and stop the deer from coming to your garden or yard.
  • Make sure you periodically move these motion sensor so that the deer will never visit your place in any attempt.

Final Words

Hope the above making-of scarecrow will help you to stop the deer from visiting your garden and damaging your plants, vegetables, and fruits.

Any ideas, suggestions, and queries on the topic are welcome.

Have you ever tried making a scarecrow before? Share us your experience.

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