Scarecrow Sprinkler- A Motion Activated Sprinkler Review

Scarecrow Sprinkler- A Motion Activated Sprinkler Review

Do you have lawn or yard and suffer from frequent deer attacks? Then you should know something about the scarecrow sprinkler.  The scarecrow sprinkler is simply a sprinkler that sprinkles water when it detects motion of animals in your lawn.

Scarecrow Sprinkler- Review

Scarecrow Sprinkler- Review

This sprinkler is very useful and it keeps your lawn safe from many invading animals. I have used this sprinkler for past one year and have got various benefits with this. So I wish to share my experience with scarecrow sprinkler in this article by describing .


The scarecrow sprinkler offers many important benefits with its key features. This sprinkler maintains its reputation with its advanced features.

Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

Key features: 9-volt power supply, motion detector sensor and low battery indicator.

Pros: superior quality, high coverage range, and energy-efficient.

The notable features of this brand are listed below.

Custom motion sensor lens

The scarecrow brand comes with the custom motion sensor lens. This lens provides a wide coverage area for the motion sensor. Due to this, it can easily detect small animals such as cats and rats. I have done my own experiment with this sensor and this sensor even repels the cat present within the coverage area.

Fail-safe and leak-proof valve

This is a useful feature that I love in the scarecrow brand. This feature makes the device operate under low power and powerless condition. The water splitters and the sensors work in any condition and they keep the lawn completely safe.

Other than this, there are leak proof valves in this system and these valves avoid wastage of water.  Though there are many other innovative features in scarecrow brand, I feel that this feature serves as a user-friendly feature among all the others.

Repel system

This brand repels the invading animals and pests with the help of the dual repelling system. This brand has both sound and water splitting system for repelling the animals entering in the region.

Whenever the sensor detects motion of any pests, the repelling system alerts the predators by producing a sound and sudden splitting of water for about 3 sec. With this system, the invading organisms exclude themselves from the surrounding area.

Low-battery indicator

Another advanced feature of this sprinkler is the low battery alert system. With this feature, the system can be recharged easily by the user. Low battery is indicated with the help of a beep sound.

Other features of this system are

  • Multiple scarecrow sprinklers get connected automatically and they provide a wide coverage area.
  • The coverage range is 1200 feet and conserves water to a great extent.
  • The speed of the burst water does not harm the predators, in turn, it just inbuilt a fear in them.
  • This device is powered by a 9-volt battery that lasts for 6 months.


To implement this device, you should know clearly about the working of the device.  The important component used is the motion detector sensor. As soon as the motion detector sensor senses the movement of predators, the sensor acts effectively and activates the sound and split system in the device. By this, a constant beep sound is detected and water starts splitting in the region where the motion is detected.


  • This sprinkler has a wide coverage area and is durable.
  • It conserves water and saves energy.
  • This device is user-friendly and it has superior quality.


So, try this sprinkler and enjoy its advantages. Hope this article is useful to you and for further explanations comment your queries in the box given below.

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