Six Top Tips For Deterring Deer

Six Top Tips For Deterring Deer

The deer produces dangerous effects on the plants. Even a single deer can destroy the whole garden within a few minutes. So, it is essential to repel deer by following the important tips that help you to protect the garden.

Six Top Tips For Deterring Deer

However, you should ensure that the methods you follow do not harm the plants in your garden. The tips listed below will provide the beneficial ways of repelling deers without harming the plants.

How To Deter Deer?

Different ways of deterring deer include the following,

  1. The deer fence avoids them from entering into the garden and it should be at least 12 feet tall and 8 inches apart from your garden. The fence can either be made of wood or wire. While constructing the garden, you should note whether it is tall enough to avoid the deer from jumping over the fence. So, it is considered as the best deer deterrent.
  2. Deer susceptible plants n the house will attract the deer. But, we can easily drive them away by hanging the soap on the strings of the trees.
  3. You can try a different method by getting a bag of hair from the barber and hanging it on the branches of the tree. Also, it is better to spread the hair across the surface of the garden to drive the deer away.
  4. By spreading the manure of the wild animals collected from the zoo around the garden, you can deter deer away. Also, the manure improves the soil fertility.
  5. Spraying a mixture of water and rotten eggs help to repel the deer. As the odour of the eggs is disliked by the deer, they are considered as one of the best deterrents to be used in the garden.
  6. Planting the deer resistant plants will prevent the deer from entering into your lawn. It plays a major role in saving the plants of your garden from the deer.

We believe that the above points are useful in providing information about the tips of deterring deer. Follow these tips to prevent it  from entering  into the garden.

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