Solar Animal Repeller for Hi-fi Gardens

Solar Animal Repeller for Hi-fi Gardens

The solar animal repeller is used to keep the animals away from the house with its high ultrasonic frequency. It works on the simple concept and consists of the solar panel on the top roof to charge the internal battery in the presence of the sunlight.

The solar power stored in the device is further converted to the ultrasonic sound with this animal repeller equipment. Further, it consists of the rear mounting bracket and the motion detector capacity to notify the rear damage and the movement of animals in and around the gardens. The infrared component included in the solar animal Repeller helps to keep track of the animals such as dogs, cats, and other animals out of the garden.

Solar Animal Repeller for Hi-fi Gardens

A Solar Animal Repeller

The solar animal repeller is reviewed based on its features as described below.

What is it?

The bell and Howell solar animal repeller comes with a rechargeable battery and the ultrasonic solar power activation. This repeller measures 4.2 inches in height, 6.1 inches in width, and 10.1 inches in depth and is light weighted with the weight of 1.1 pounds. They are simple to maintain with the less affordable amount. This repeller able to detect the movement of the animals entering the garden with the creation of high ultra frequency sounds.

Solar Animal Repeller

Key features: No traps, no dead animals, no messy chemicals

Pros: Permanently eliminate pest problems, get rid of cats, dogs, deer.

Where should you place it?

The Series 50104CL from the bell and Howell solar animal repeller is a no battery device. This device helps to sense the movement of 40 feet and is harmless to the humans and plants.

It can be used both in outdoors and indoors and the infrared fitted in it works well in both day and night. This equipment helps to repel the animals such as deer, dogs, rabbits, mice, squirrel, and rats entering into the garden fencing areas. It is fully solar powered and it uses the battery in the absence of sunlight.

How does it work?

The solar repeller is an eco-friendly equipment as it is a stick like equipment which can be easily fitted to the ground. It uses ultrasonic waves to restrict the entry of animals inside the garden and does not harm the humans.

It consists of a solar panel, which converts the solar power energy into the electrical source and is further mated with the speaker to emit the ultrasonic high-frequency waves to repel the animals.

This animal repeller is best for the outdoor use as it requires direct exposure to the sun. Also, with the PIR sensor, it effectively senses the motion of the animals and resists them.

What are the benefits obtained?

Overall, the bell and Howell five in one solar animal repeller is used to protect the entry of the animals to the garden. It includes an infrared sensor to detect up to 35 feet at an angle of 100 degrees.

It further uses the LED light to drive away the sonic signals, which hardly damage the plants. Also, it constitutes of four batteries which are powered by the sunlight and uses the ultrasonic frequency of seven sweeping levels to get rid of the unwanted animals away from the garden.


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