Deer Repellent Spray- Easy And Homemade

Deer Repellent Spray- Easy And Homemade

The deer repellent spray works well in repelling the deer out of the garden and safeguards the vegetables, trees, plants, shrub, herbs, and flowers. Using the artificial deer repellent spray damages the plants grown in the garden. It is hence, preferred to make the deer repellent spray at your home.

Types of Deer Repellent Spray

Deer Repellent Spray-How To Make At Home?

The variations in preparing the deer repellent spray at home include the following.

Egg and garlic spray: Take three to four raw eggs with three tablespoons of red hot sauce and garlic juice. Mix it well with the water, blend it, and pour it into the spray bottle to spray on. This spray lasts for a long duration.

Blood and Hair, spray: Finely blend a mixture of half cup of blood and one cup of human or predator hairs. Pour the mixture to the fabrics with tight folding and rub it on the plants; leave it for a long time. It is the best deer repellent spray to use on plants as it effectively repels the deer out of the garden.

Egg and Water Spray: Mix three cups of cold water with two rotten eggs and blend it faster for perfect mixing. Add enough water and leave it for a day and then spray it on the plant leaves. It smells bad and irritates the deer to get rid of the garden.

Dish wash liquid spray: Take two eggs, one cup of milk, two spoons of dish wash liquid and cooking oil. Mix it well in a blender with one-gallon water. Pour this mixture into the spray bottle and spray over the plants every week to get rid of the deer.

Pepper spray: Take four hot peppers, 12 garlic gloves, six eggs, and enough warm water. Mix it well as a spray. Leave it for about two days in the sun to create a worthy deer repellent spray. It is non-toxic for plants.

Onion spray: Take two cups of onion tops and water along with the mixture of eggs, egg shell, garlic, and mix well using a blender; leave it for about an hour. Then add, warm water, detergent or dish wash liquid over it and spray on the plants. It works effectively for two weeks of duration.

Ammonia spray: Take a hand full of cayenne pepper, two cups of beef bouillon, half cup of ammonia powder, garlic cloves of six numbers, one cup of white vinegar, one bar of hand soap of any kind and one cup of cooking oil.

Dust the cayenne pepper and the vinegar to the coffee filter and pour the mixture of blended garlic with the water. Transfer it to a single bowl and mix it well with ammonia, oil, soap, and leave it for about a day.

Fill the mixture to the spray bottle and keep spraying on the plants every week. This recipe works well in repelling the deer out of the garden fencing.

Pick any one of the methods above and repel deer from your garden.

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