Deer Resistant Plants- List Of The Perennials

Deer Resistant Plants- List Of The Perennials

The most efficient way to prevent deer from eating the plants present in the garden is to use the deer resistant plants. Although electrical fencing works well, it kills the deer as they come closer to it. To avoid this, I tried planting many deer-resistant plants around my garden. To my surprise, they worked well.

deer resistant plants

The deer feeds on everything when in hunger but, they can be prevented by planting deer-resistant plants in the garden. They were affordable too.

List of Deer Resistant Plants

The following are some of the plants that are used to resist the deer out of the garden fence.

Salvia New Dimension Rose: This is fully exposed to the sun and blooms only in the summer; it restricts deer and rabbits. It is deep rose in color and usually blooms in a bunch. They can grow easily even after cutting down.

Hidcote Lavender: It is a woody structured plant, which blooms on winter seasons. The leaves are gray, green, and silver based on the variety, the flower blooms are blue, pink, purple, and white in color. It looks woody and does not attract the deer towards fencing. It is fully exposed to the sun and grows up to two feet tall and attracts the bees and butterflies with its fragrance.

Silver Mound Wormwood: Silver mound wormwood is a soft feathery silver plant that blooms in orange to soft pink during the spring season. It is planted in the well-drained region, to maintain its steady and tidy features and does not attract the deer towards it. It requires less water and grown up to two feet height. The main advantage of this plant is their tolerance to drought capacity.

Achillea Flower Burst: These plants requires only low maintenance as they are heat tolerant. The achillea flower burst with the red, pink, and violet shades that usually the deer hate to look into it. It blooms for a long duration in the mid summer and measures up to four feet.

Whirling Butterflies (Gaura Lindheimeri): This plant needs a long time to bloom white colored flowers in the spring season and requires only a low maintenance as they can tolerate the drought. It is three feet taller and usually grow in the well-drained soil that restricts the deer near to the fencing.

Campanula Bell Ringer: Campanula is a long arched stemming plant that blooms the flowers in between July and August; restricts the deer and rabbits near to the fencing area. It grows to a height of up to 30 inches with the pink shades that remain in the shape of the bell.

Try any one of the above listed plants and write to us about its efficiency.

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