6 Best Deer Repellents in 2020 [For Deer, Elk, Feral Pigs, Javelin, Wild Boar, Etc…]

6 Best Deer Repellents in 2020 [For Deer, Elk, Feral Pigs, Javelin, Wild Boar, Etc…]

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2020 @ 4:02 am

It is your responsibility to take care of your garden by preventing the deer from entering into the garden.  When the deer tries entering your lawn, it grazes on the plants present there and spoils the beauty of it. To defend the yard from the deer, you should take certain measures to improve the condition of plants.

Utilizing the best deer repellent products will shield your garden from the most dangerous wild animals particularly deers. 

Generally, when wild animals are starving, it can ruin the whole place, while a garden with vegetable plants can be completely destroyed by animals when they are noticed.

The anxiety is not only for vegetable plant owners but also for the owners who maintain gardens with flower plants. The dangerous deers demolish all the plants by their rugged hooves.

Our review of the diverse of deer repellent products assists you to choose the best repellent for your garden.

Ultrasonic Deer Repellents

The ultrasonic deer repellents are one of the best and tactful ways to chase the deer from your land/garden. 

These ultrasonic devices purely produce limited sound with restrictable units thus it won’t affect kids or others, as well as, it’s easy to operate and handle. 

Users can easily find the device in the dark circumference due to this device being equipped with an integrated light.

Instead of spray or any other power repellent, this ultrasonic repellent can control and chase the deer from your garden by producing pure sound. 

Due to the technical improvements in deer repellent,  nowadays most people go for ultrasonic products and get the best result with that.

1. Aspectek Pest Soldier Sentinel


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We’ve recommended the Aspectek Pest Soldier Sentinel which is the best deer repellent product currently available on the market with affordable prices. 

Some of the ultrasonic deer repellents manufactured with poor craftsmanship and inadequate range, that emits a low or high frequency. Hereby, people can suffer from a diverse range of health hazards.

Moreover, most of the ultrasonic repellents fail to find the exact frequency to chase the deer from the side. 

But the Pest Soldier Sentinel Ultrasonic Deer Repellent emits the correct range of sound due to it’s made with the precise frequency range. Also, it’s constructed with waterproof material to shield itself from corrosion. 

After the depth test of the best deer repellents, the PEST ultrasonic deer repellent is the only product that got first place in our research.


This deer repellent comes with the coverage area up to 5000 square feet, and which is completely programmable. It’s designed to work both day and night. 

This device controls the unit operating time, and the inbuilt infrared motion sensor detects deers present near the garden. 

Eventually, the ultrasonic sound produced by the system will chase the deer out of it.

This can be powered with an integrated battery or AC adaptor. Its width, height, and weight are 7.3, 4.2 and 1.4 lbs respectively.

Deer Repellent Granules

Mainly, deer want to eat your plants, that’s why they ruin your garden with their rugged hoof. Freak out the frustration! Here’s the Deer Repellent Granule which is an effective way to chase out deers from your lovely garden!

Unlike deer repellent powder or spray, the deer repellent granules are effective and natural products to help chase out the deers.

You needn’t spray it in the garden, rather you just spatter these granules around your garden. Which means these are not passing by air to cause any allergies. Simply throw it with a covered or covered hand.

These granules are manufactured with long-lasting features thus you never worry about the expiring condition and that’s significantly well performed in the forest garden area.

As I said about the deer repellent granules is the best value for money and eco-friendly product.

2. Enviro Pro 1006 Deer Scram Repellent


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People who love their garden are always thinking about their plants, thereby they never use chemical powders/prays to chase out insects or animals.

The Deer Scram Repellent is a mixer of all-natural ingredients so it’s not harmful or poisonous. No poisonous is the only reason to return the user to buy this repellent.

And you need not spray it directly over the plant, just scatter around the border area of your garden. The smell emitting from the granules will irritate deers and chase them out.

Continue using these repellent granules for 30 to 40 days, then it’ll show the effective result. Moreover, the product is very easy to use and most effective.


Granules are the cheap and best eco-friendly products to repel deers from your garden. That’s scattered directly to the border of your garden, consequently, the smell can chase the deer.

The product comes with a rain and snow resistance aspect, meaning it never dissolves by the weather condition and will last for a long time.

Deer Scram Repellent is not only for deers but it also repels forest rabbits. This product comes with a variety of sizes and better value for money.

Deer Repellent Sprays

In this hectic economy world, people are running without knowing why! Nevertheless, nature enthusiasts and homeowners want to shield their garden from the most dangerous deers.

So they go for deer repellent spray instead of any other powder, granules or anything else. Utilizing the spray type deer repellent is truly beneficial for you.

The smell emitted by these water molecules included in this spray will irritate the deer and chase out from the boundary area. Not only the smell but also the taste of this spray will repel the deer from your garden.

These spray repellents are made with a mixer of natural herbs thus it never pollutes or is poisonous to the environment.

Just spray it in your garden twice per month deers will definitely run out from your garden. The interesting thing about this spray repellent is that these are classified into two types: Bobbex and Liquid spray.

Overall, using the spray for repelling the deer from your garden is one of the simplest and effective ways.

3. Bobbex Concentrate Deer Repellent


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Bobbex Deer Repellent is actually one of the eco-friendly products specially made for preventing plants from the dangerous deers.

Although this is the blended combination of some chemical elements, the components will improve proteins in wintergreen garlic and other plants.

Utilizing it twice for every month to repel the deer from your lovely garden.

Due to the quality and effectiveness of this Bobbex spray, it’s widely being sold in the market today. The spray can withstand any weather condition meaning it is never shortly dissolved by the weather.

Some users hesitate to use spray due to the thought that the smell of the spray can affect their kids or pets. But the truth is that the smell emitted from this spray only irritates deer.


Bobbex deer repellent spray is mostly used for vegetable plants because the chemical components blended with this spray enrich the growth of vegetables and provide more proteins to it.

This is the most effective product to repel the mule deer, blacktail deer, whitetail deer, elk, and moose.

With the help of an E-Z pump, you can directly apply this spray to your plants, which is a recommended harmless product among the 1000 other harmful chemicals available on the market today.

And remind one thing, don’t spray this to edible leaves, strawberry plants, and rough-skinned berries.

Deer Sprinkler Repellents

To control deer’s atrocities, most of the homeowners and nature-lovers go for deer sprinkler repellents. If you use these sprinkler products for your garden, you will get rid of deer-related problems then have peace of mind.

This spray can be applied to your land even if you’re 35 feet away, thus the user can protect himself from splashing.

The remarkable downside of the sprinkler type deer repellent is that people don’t use this in the winter season. Due to the sensitivity of the product, it won’t withstand that rough cold condition. Though it comes with the best weatherproof, it can’t bear the worse winter.

Using the deer sprinkler repellent is an effective way to repel the rugged wild animals and is the best choice for your lovely garden.

4. Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion-Activated Sprinkler


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These sprinklers are widely used in both day and night purposes. It offers 24 hours of protection to your garden, so freak out the fear of your garden.

This device is equipped with a sensitive detection setting, which can simply adjust the sensitivity to repel the deer from your garden.

The motion sensor is located at the face of the unit to detect the arrival of deer or any other wild animals. The unit worked well in chasing the deer from your garden boundary area.

People from the young generation are afraid of using other deterrent products because they can affect their kids or pets by their chemical components. Thus they go for sprinklers because they’re harmless and don’t affect anyone.


The deer sprinkler repellent using a harmless spray of water, as well the smell and taste of this spray can expel the deer, which is one of the 24-hours production choices for your plants and gardens.

Orbit Motion comes with the detection range of about 120-degree arc motion and has the coverage area up to 1600 square feet.

The product is designed with intelligent sensing technology that can detect the arrival of animals and then chase it out from your garden.

The product has 4 AA batteries with 7500 activation cycles, and batteries are remarkably conserved.

Solar Deer Repellent Lights

Nowadays people need advancement in everything including their daily basis habits. For these kinds of people, manufacturers updated and developed the deer repellent using solar light, meaning the produce Solar Light Deer Repellents.

It is one of the most reliable deer repel products for your gardens. This device can produce UV light at night time.

Deers will be irritated by the light emitted from the repellent, thus it’ll run out from your garden without doing anything.

The device comes with the pulsating light patterns that permit you to customize the level of the light source, that helps you to repel the deer.

The product is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries but which can’t be replaceable after the lagging. I think that it was a rechargeable one.

The solar deer repellent lights afford valid protection to your yard or garden from wild animals, especially at night time.

5. PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light PREDATORGUARD-Solar-Powered-Predator-Deterrent-Light

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The predator guard deer repellent is one of the best devices in the market that comes with highly effective solar light.

It comes with the two faces of lights located on the top of the device to discharge the ultraviolet light.

A sharp ray coming in a single line will affect the vision of the animal then they will run out from that place.

It comes with an integrated panel to charge itself with sunlight and is charged using only solar power available during the day.

The solar deer deterrent placed on the angle for your plants with sun exposure and that device has not come with snow and ice resistance.

Placing the deterrent at the right angle at which sunlight falls will increase its lifespan and panel life. The bad side of this package is that it has no rain or snow resistance.


This Predator Guard Solar Power Repellent not only repels the deer but also it has the power to chase out coyote, wolf, fox, and other nuisance animals that ruin your garden at night.

The solar power deterrent light automatically activates itself at the night time. Having this will aids you to stop nuisance animals from entering your garden at night.

Unlike other electronic equipment, you don’t have to maintain this device frequently. Due to its long-lasting power management and ultimate lifetime, you can use it for more years.

Due to having the automatic on/off feature in this solar-powered light repellent it can be turned on at night and turned off at day automatically with the sense of light.

Dear Fences

Fences are always the best way to protect in any manner. When it comes to repelling deer these offer better results as much as.

Deer repellent powder, spray, concentrate, granules these are just repelled them out. But unlike that, the deer fence prevents the arrival of wild animals into your garden.

These fences are built with strong but lightweight material to ensure the safety of your garden. In earlier days fences played a key role in protecting homes from wild animals and other problems.

The mesh object is used in this fence to prevent animals from entering their heads through the space in the middle of the fence. These are especially beneficial because they are flexible.

Due to its viable netting choice, you can use this fence for small areas or else for your whole garden.

6. Easy Gardener LG400171 7 Deer Barrier


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The Easy Gardener Deer Barrier Fencing is a trusted brand in the market, especially for garden protection products.

This barrier fencing is suitable for users who want long-lasting protection for their garden/yard with low maintenance.

It’s designed with lightweight materials and along with that, you just have to wrap the string integration over the wooden or metal post.

The deers will be stuck in the netting due to its 1 inch of grid patterns. This fencing method is beneficial for the homeowners who own a large area of the garden.

The fencing system never fails and never deceives the user likes other marketable products. These come with flexible characteristics and which are considered as the reusable one.


The string of the fence is strong and tough enough to defend the garden from animals and the fencing is fully envelope with mesh materials.

The mesh design can easily blend with the wooden and metal post, and users recommend that this is the best protection for your garden and backyard plants.

Mostly the deer fences come with 7 ft height and 100 ft width, you can utilize this for an ample area of the garden.

It does not have sharp edges, so it will not cause any damage, such as tearing.

One can easily fold and handle this fence with simple help, which means the installation and maintenance process is quite effortless.

You should place the posts and fit this fence at 6′ – 8′ apart around the corner of the garden.


To combat most of the garden issues, chase the deer out and protect their beautiful garden from them, people want something different. That’s why they’re looking for the best deer repellent that is available on the market.

Most of the deer repellent products are made with the mixer of natural components that are harmless for the circumference. So by using this repellent, you can effortlessly chase the deer from your garden and even it’s worked well for most of the rugged wild animals too.

I hope our article will lead you to choose the best one for your wonderful garden and that will guard your garden against to be safe from the deers.

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