Raccoon repellent that works

Raccoon repellent that works

Today I was admiring the view from my house, summer is almost here and I was wondering when the raccoons will start to play in my garbage and create a total mess. So far, they didn’t show up that many times yet.

The thing that I don’t like about raccoons is that on close encounters they are not afraid of us. In my last encounter, I saw a small family of 6-7 raccoons that were raiding the outside trash.

I went there and I yelled at them, that didn’t do anything, they just ignored me and once I got closer, one of them wanted to attack me. Don’t be fooled by their nice appearance, they are quite vicious animals. Since they eat a lot of junk, I didn’t want to get bitten by one of them, and I don’t recommend you start fighting them, so I just left them there and then I started researching what I could do to find a raccoon repellent.

I tried a lot of things in the past, like leaving food near the trash so at least they don’t rip it off and make a complete mess over there, but that didn’t work either. I even have some experience from testing out the best deer repellent but this case was a little different. I took advice from my neighbors as well, I tried multiple things, but I never set traps for them.

It’s just my way of not trying to do too much harm to animals, even if it’s a raccoon that’s causing me a lot of trouble 🙂

Now, let’s get to the good part of the story, I started testing multiple products from online vendors to see what repellent would work and I got some good results.


My top products that proven effective for raccoon repellent:

RankProduct imageDescriptionCart
1Rodent sherif sprayMade with all-natural peppermint oil, safe to use around pets and children.
2Orbit 62100 water sprinklerWater sprinkler that works during the night as well.

The master plan when it comes to repelling raccoons

I actually recommend both of the products, my “strategy” is this, around the garden I’ve sprayed with the rodent Sheriff, that will induce a bad smell to the raccoons and should keep the repelled from my garden.
In case one gets it, I have 3 Orbit sprinklers inside the garden set at different corners to keep an eye on the rodents and to sent a jet of water directly to them. This won’t harm them, just keep them away so I’m happy as well.

Tips for raccoon repellent

First tip: For the spray to be effective, remember to spray the garden perimeter every 2 weeks, if you’re still having issues, consider doing that every week. The strong scent, will keep the raccoons away.
Second tip: They are usually attracted by strong smells of food, make sure you pack the waste food very well.

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