10 Best Eleactronic Deer Repellent [For Garden, Lawn, Yard, and Home]

10 Best Eleactronic Deer Repellent [For Garden, Lawn, Yard, and Home]

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2020 @ 7:54 am

Many animals like deer, rabbits, etc., depend on green plants, vegetables, and fruits for survival and hence, explore gardens for food. While exploring, they destroy all the other plants in the garden. This is where the deer repellents come for rescue.

There are many methods of repelling deer. The important methods among them include fencing, using deer-proof plants, using natural pesticides, etc. Out of which, the electronic method is one of the best options for repelling the deer from the garden.

These electronic deer driving devices are classified into three main categories: ultrasonic deer chasers, deer repellent lights and deer sprayers.

These deer-resistant devices are exclusively non-chemical and are often purchased and utilized by most people because of their low maintenance demands. We hope to equip you with enough research and clarity to choose the best electronic deer deterrent for your application.

In our article, we’ve selected and ranked the 10 Best Electronic Deer Repellents that are selling in the market today based on their usability, added features, working range, detection limit, quality, price and so on.

Best Electronic Deer Repellents – 10 Repellents Reviewed

1. Havahart 5277 Animal Repellent & Sprinkler

Havahart 5277 Animal Repellent & Sprinkler

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If you’re looking for the smart electronic device to repel animals from your garden, then go for Havahart 5277 Critter Ridder Motion-Activated Sprinkler, which offers profuse protection to prevent the garden from the most dangerous animals like deer.

The design of this sprinkler is quite different from most of the animal deterrent but the performance from this device is tremendous. Installation of the device is pretty simple and doesn’t require much effort or money to maintain the product, all of which make this item the best and first in our list.

Motion Sensor

Havahart 5277 is equipped with a built-in sensor to detect motion and one of the beneficial aspects of this is chasing down dangerous animals with startling bursts of water. This novel electronic device allows blending naturally in any terrain, and also which is used as a sprinkler for watering your garden or yard.

Sensitivity Dial

This device has the sensitivity dial to frequently detect the motion of the object nearby it which has four settings to handle the level of sensitivity from least level to most level. Don’t worry about the health of your pets, because this sprinkler deterrent doesn’t affect animals like dogs, raccoons, opossums, and some domestic animals.

Working Range

This Infrared device sensor is fitted with a detection range of up to 60 feet, besides it can detect the movement of animals with its integrated heat sensor. The operation range can be modified by the user as per their preferences thus which is the beneficial repeller device for your garden.

Sprinkler System

This device requires only 2-3 cups of water per day, and for 5 seconds continuously staggering water can scare animals away, and it can be installed anywhere on your lawn with no restrictions. The sprinkler system is easily fixed in your garden, and it assists you to repel the most vulnerable animals from your land.

2. T3-R Triple High Impact Repeller

T3-R Triple High Impact Repeller

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Is your garden having problems not only with deer but also with mice and other animals? Have tired of finding the same solution for all of them? No more worry on search!

Here is the T3-R Triple High Impact Repeller which is the perfect solution to all of your problems regarding damage to your garden by animals. While understanding the full structure of the device is a bit complicated, its work in driving deer out of your garden is stunning.

Unlike other straight-form electronic deer repellents, the T3-R is built with a circular shape that gives a very different experience to the user.

Ultrasonic Sound

The device consists of three speakers in three different directions which emits ultrasonic sound with the power of DC inputted. The animals are rapidly chased by transmitting sound to three different locations, covering the entire 360-degree angle. People also use this device not only for their garden usage but also utilize it for their residential purposes due to their sensitive ultrasonic sound.

Triple Impact Repeller

In contrast to other electronic deer repellents, this triple repeller is used to chase rats, mice, rabbits, squirrels, rodents and more. This is why the product is called Triple-Impact Repeller.

Overall, it is the perfect choice for chasing deer and mice. T3-R Triple comes with the dual transmitter to transmit the ultrasonic sound emitted by the device, besides which is one of the natural applications designed by experts.

Working Range

Designed to detect a range of motion up to 6 feet, only wild animals are affected by this ultrasonic sound, so that humans, children, dogs, and cats are unaffected. Be sure to repel deer and mice from your garden after 12 to 16 days of use.

Using it only once will not stop the animals from entering your garden alone, and you will be able to confine the wild animals’ atrocities only if you use them frequently.

Sound System

The Deer Repellent Device T3-R Triple Attack produces ultrasonic sound limited by its integrated speakers. The sound emitted by the device can irritate animals such as deer, mice, rats, and squirrels. It’s an eco-friendly way to save your garden from major damage caused by animals.

3. SENLUO Electronic Animal Repellent

SENLUO Electronic Animal Repellent

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Some kind of people never goes for ultrasonic sound repellent due to getting fear about their pet animals. Because nowadays pet enthusiasts wish to adopt most of the wild animals as their pets.

For that group of people, repellent manufacturers produce flashing LED lights to chase out the deers to protect your garden. As per people’s wishes, we recommended SENLUO 2 Flashing LED Lights as the best and beneficial one to deter the deers. SENLUO is compact in size and it comes with several features to repel deers from your garden.

Drive Off Technology

SENLUO Animal Repellent is composed of 3 drive off technologies: an audible predator alarm, an over-frequency flash, and an ultrasonic sound (only animals can hear).

No one can be as active as the bright light in our eyes, and the animals can be annoyed by the bright light in the eyes and they try to move away from the place as much as possible. That’s why the repellent SENLUO is equipped with the LED to produce flashlights that can work as a repellent.

IR Motion Sensor

This device comes with an adjustable PIR infrared motion sensor to detect over some feet. Likewise is outfitted with night scanner technology to perform well at night. This is a great option for your garden as ultrasonic sound can only be heard by animals.

The whole process of the device is controlled and manipulated by a single 1ax adapter and a handy remote controller. By using it you can just take control of the whole system under your finger.

Sound System

The ultrasonic sound from one of the drives off technologies will produce a limited frequency of sound waves that are not heard by humans. In fact, only animals can hear the sound delivered by this device. That means it won’t affect humans so you don’t worry about your kids or older ones. Due to the features of ultrasonic, the device is recommended as a harmless and eco-friendly product.

Working Range

The sound system is designed to transmit the ultrasonic sound up to 60 to 100 feet. You can simply handle the detection sensor by using the remote controller because it has the ample detection range thereby you can easily access this without any hesitation.

This deer repellent LED device is built with both battery and AC adaptor for safety reasons. Meaning, when one of the two may fail, the other will work, but the priority is given to AC power over battery power here. To be more clear, the battery power is just for a backup option.

4. DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

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We’re recommended DURANOM Ultrasonic Deer Repellent as the best and beneficial one to those who need a waterproof animal repellent. It is designed with military gray, meaning it comes with a natural camouflage design to trick the animal into looking like the bark of a tree.

In fact, this camouflage color is invisible to most animals’ and thus they cannot protect themselves from ultrasonic sounds. With this, you can easily drive away deer or other animals from your garden.

Waterproof Technology

Unlike other products, DURANOM is equipped with the waterproof aspect to provide better output to the user and protect itself from the worse damages caused by weather. It comes with dual power management, the device can charge itself by solar power technology and it can run with the rechargeable batteries with the help of USB charge cable.

Sensor Technology

The sensor attached with this device can detect the movement of animals and can sense it with its sensing aspect then produce the alarm sound to irritate the animal that wants to enter into the garden. This ultrasonic sound will repel the animals including deers.

The DURANOM electronic deer repellent has a total of five settings to control the device and repel the animal such as Raccoons, Deer, Stray dogs, rats and also birds. As well it is outfitted with a Turbulent Storm Ultrasonic Rodent Repulsive Technique.

Working Range

Solar Electronic Deer Repellent has a water-resistant feature that works all year round, meaning it will provide 24-hour protection for your beautiful garden. It can cover approximately 30 Feet of open area to repel the deer, mice, rat from your wide garden. The installation of this device needs just 5 minutes and you can fit it anywhere in your garden even on the tree.

Sound & Light System

The ultrasonic device has Strobe Light that is equipped with an advanced technology to emit aggressive flashlight which will irritate deers and make them out of your garden. The only difference between the sound system and light system is that the Strobe light works at night but the ultrasonic sound works both day & night.

Humans can also hear the sound emitted by some ultrasonic devices that are manufactured to repel the animals that ruin your garden, those are harmful to humans. But the ultrasonic sound emitted by DURANOM Ultrasonic Deer Repellent won’t be harmful to humans, due to humans can’t hear its ultrasonic sound.

5. CLEANRTH CR008 Advanced Ultrasonic Repellent

CLEANRTH CR008 Advanced Ultrasonic Repellent

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If you are looking for a most uncomplicated and easy-to-use electronic deer repeller, then Cleanrth Advanced Ultrasonic Deer Repellent is the perfect choice for you which is made with High-Intensity Ultrasonic Generating Technology with 120v outlet.

Electromagnetic waves are the basic source of this device that is produced by the ultrasonic electronic devices which also automatically penetrate the waves through the walls for home and office purposes.

Advanced Technology

Every part of the electromagnetic spectrum has several applications in our routine life, but most of its applications include technology. These electromagnetic waves are mostly used for communication purposes as well as the most obvious applications such as radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, ultraviolet waves so and so.

Particularly, electromagnetic waves equip vibrations that disturb animals who are entering into the boundary area of your garden. Without harm to your pet animals, this device aids you to chase out the deers from your garden.


This ultrasonic device comes with five essential features that are mentioned below,

1) It has High-Intensity ultrasonic rodent-repelling technology
2) The device has a digitally processed electromagnetic inner wall rodent-repelling system
3) CLEANRTH CR008 is equipped with Turbulent Storm Ultrasonic rodent repulsive technique
4) There is rodent targeting switch is fitted with this device
5) Also, it is designed with rodent confusion switch to irritate them

It can cover approximately 7000 Square Feet of open area to repel the deer, mice, rat from your wide garden.

Working Range

The device is equipped with rugged materials and updated features to offer quality output to chase out deers from your garden. The rodent targeting transmits specific ultrasonic sound to control rodents. The sound emitted by the device is developed with enhanced acoustic techniques to deter the most dangerous animals in the garden.

Sound System

In the Turbulent Storm Technique, it has a speaker in front of the device to produce a maximum level of ultrasonic sound besides it producing limited frequency in a separate direction. The eco-friendly sound system of CLEANRTH CR008 produces harmless vibration with an audible sound that is only heard by the animals. To be clear, cats, dogs, birds, and humans don’t get irritated by their sound.

6. UltraSweep Outdoor Pest Repeller

UltraSweep Outdoor Pest Repeller

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People who love techy with uniqueness and versatility will definitely go for brilliant choices to buying animal repellent for their lovely garden. Yes! The UltraSweep Outdoor Motion Activated Pest Repellent is one of the best deer repellents who sell swiftly on the market today.

Using this electronic deer repellent will give a better result instead of other types of repellents that have toxic chemicals, the dangerous poison. So you need not worry about the health of your little ones and pets.

Functional Features

It comes with a variety of options such as ultrasonic sound, strobe light, remote control system, motion sensor, and a blaring alarm to choose the way to deter the deer from your garden. With its motion sensor technology, this can detect the arrival of animals entering into the garden and then repel them with its effective ultrasonic sound.

You can use this for various purposes such as your garden, vehicles, RV, attic, near to the electrical wiring, roofing and so on. By utilizing this UltraSweep Pest Repellent for your garden, you can deter wild animals.

Working Range

The Ultrasweep Motion-Activated Deer Repeller has the coverage area limit up to 5,000 square feet. Thus you can use this animal repellent for even a wide range of gardens. It just needs 5 minutes to install and activate thereby you can save your time instead of using spray, powder or other deer repellents to take more time. And its adjustable infrared motion sensor outfitted with a range up to 5 – 100 feet.

Sound System

The ultrasonic sound produced by this electronic device will repel the animals within 2 minutes due to it comes with an audible frequency of sound which is heard by only animals. Actually, some deer repellents repel only deers but UltraSweep repels more than 5 animal categories such as squirrels, bats, deers, raccoons, and rodents. The ultrasonic sound emitting from the repellent will also affect those 5 categories of animals.

7. NIKAND Solar Mole Repellent Ultrasonic

NIKAND Solar Mole Repellent Ultrasonic


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If you’re looking for a tiny gadget to protect your garden from most dangerous animals then you can choose NIKAND Solar Mole Repellent Ultrasonic Deterrent. Because it’s constructed with a miniature design for easy handling purposes. Besides, this effective sonic deterrent comes with 4 packs of groundhog repeller.

With the exception of electronic gadgets, all other deer repellents such as spray, powder, sprinkler are likely to release low levels of chemicals, and these chemicals may or may not harm them when your pets and small children touch them. But these ultrasonic deer droplets only affect wild animals with their limited solar-powered waves. So this is 100% safe for you and your family.

Ultrasonic Waves

The device is constructed with distinct mechanisms which will transmit ultrasonic waves instead of ultrasonic sound. These solar-powered ultrasonic waves are more effective than ultrasonic sound for repelling wild animals that sabotage the garden. Not only this is used for your lawn and yard but also this NIKAND deer deterrent is utilized for your home purposes.


Once every 30 seconds, the machine operates and continuously transmits ultrasonic waves for 3 to 4 seconds, penetrating the ground and creating a low vibration in the ground that threatens the animals and chases animals from your garden. If you continue to use it will definitely give you better results within 2 to 4 weeks.

There is a solar panel located on the top of the device to receive the sunlight to convert it into ultrasonic waves. This solar panel is made with 2V/70mAh monocrystalline silicon alloy to provide rugged construction. Besides, it includes a Ni-MH battery which has a capacity of 2V/600mAh.

Working Range

The NIKAND Animal Repellent has a frequency range of up to 400HZ +/- 50HZ, and it comes with a working range of 96 feet, meaning you need to install this deterrent every 96 feet throughout your lawn for optimal performance. In addition, this repellent equips the On/Off button to handle it quite simply.

Sound System

You do not need to use a steel rod to create pilot holes in the ground or to install a spike in the soil, as this chassis is a nail shape and therefore has the potential to be easily buried in the soil. Animals are not aware that the machine exists because it is installed equal to the ground level. It generates vibration with sunlight and releases them into ultrasonic waves, thus speeding up the chase. It can chase out mice, gophers, voles, snakes, and other rodents.

8. Aspectek Electronic Pest Repeller

Aspectek Electronic Pest Repeller


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I think Aspectek is the perfect choice for the people who need electronic deer repellent with low maintenance, low cost, user-friendly and eco-friendly. Aspectek Electronic Repeller is the most advanced ultrasonic pest repeller that comes with a variety of features. It is designed to work both day and night to protect your garden from the wild animals that sabotage the garden.

6-In-1 Deer Repellent

Still, Aspectek is the most popular and prominent pest repellent in the repellent industry. Do you know why it is so popular? This is the reason why… This is the 6-in-1 deer repellent to prevent your garden from mice, cats, squirrels, dogs, skunks, and deers. This can drive out raccoons and even mosquitoes out of your garden.

Motion Sensor

With its integrated motion sensor, it can detect the arrival of animals within the boundaries of your garden. The PIR infrared motion sensor is available in this device which has an adjustable setting option to prove itself is a user-friendly repellent.

This can be simply detected by the movement of the animal and its artificial sensing force, and then driven away within a minute. Inaudible high-pressure ultrasonic sound waves and its haunting sounds will certainly block animals.

Working Range

The ultrasonic electronic pest deterrent covers up to 5000 square feet of garden area, it has inaudible high-pressure ultrasonic sound waves to produce harassment & predator sounds. This device is the best suitable for your garden, barn, warehouse, shed, attic, farm, lawn, cabin, and patio.

Sound System

The ultrasonic sound emitted in this device is transmitted in different directions, which means that the ultrasonic sound works effectively at 170 degrees horizontal and 60-degree vertical angle. It also has an operating temperature range of 14 ℉ to 122 ℉.

9. Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Repellent

Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Repellent


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This device is equipped with sturdy materials and enhanced with the updated technologies to chase the deer out of your garden. The Nite Guard Deer Repellent comes with the modern mechanism to deter the deer, thus it’s safe and secure for your family as well as for your pet animals. It is designed to produce LED lights with the source of solar to threaten animals.

Automatic Functions

Other than deter the animals from the garden, the device also protects the poultry, livestock, property, campsites, etc. A great and stunning feature of this device is that it is fully automated and included with automatic ON and OFF operation.

This auto function is smoothly done with the solar-power device and can power itself by the sunlight. This sensitive solar power will convert into the light source to provide excellent and uncomparable output.

Dual Mount Options

The Nite Guard Deer Repellent owns two distinct mounting options: Cluster Mount, Perimeter Mount. Both the mounting features are easy to handle and effective to operate. The device comes with a constant flashlight along with a waterproof body. We’ve had the decisive conclusion that this Night Guard Solar is standard in driving away predators from the tests we have carried out on tens of thousands of users.

Working Range

Each light is designed to face the different directions of the North, South, East, and West. And if you use four Night Guard solar units in a single post or pole at a height of 4-inch, you can get better output. The flashlight provided by the device will definitely irritate the predators and chase them out of your lawn. The device has a rechargeable battery that is charged by solar power.

Sound & Light System

Both the light and sound system of this Nite Guard Animal Repeller performs best in their parts of a deterrent. The LED light is worked on at night time and the ultrasonic sound works day and night. The automatic feature of the device will lead it to turn on the flashlight at night and turn off in the day. The device charges itself by receiving sunlight during the day and then converting it into electrical energy.

10. Bird-X Electronic Animal Repeller

Bird-X Electronic Animal Repeller


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It is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a safe, energy-sensitive, non-toxic, harmless but effective deer repellent. It is considered suitable for residential areas as it is designed to be harmless for humans, pets, and birds. Hence we recommend that the Bird-X Yard Deer Repellent is a silent ultrasonic animal repeller device with multiple advanced features.

Working Range

Bird-X Yard is equipped with a motion sensor to detect deer chasing animals into the garden. The movement of the animal is detected by the sensing force of the deterrent device and is easily repelled with the ultrasonic sound. It comes with the coverage range up to 4000 square feet and it has some adjustable settings to modify the level of sensitivity.

Sound System

This device uses high-frequency sound waves so that irritated animals can easily get out of your garden quickly, but humans can’t hear the sound emitted by the device. This not only repels many animals in the yard but also prevents parasites from coming in and ensures your garden is free of infection.

Additional Features

The device will effectively chase out most of the predator animals out of your garden such as deers, squirrels, rodents, raccoons, rabbits, bats, cats, skunks, possums, dogs, sealions, boars, armadillos, wild pigs, javelinas and more. It is configured to operate with the help of a battery or AC adapter.

Beneficial Aspects

This device has certain unique settings to repel many common pests. It gives you straightforward instructions on how to handle a problematic animal. Due to its standard or motion-activated modes, the product needs very low maintenance.

Because the ultrasonic sound emitted by the device affects only predators, it is considered environmentally friendly. Also, you can take care of your garden without any worries or fear of wild animals.


Our goal is to provide you the best electronic deer deterrent as per their quality and price.

The deer deterrent device that comes with the electronic aspects listed above is highly welcomed among users as they have proven records with exceptionally high customer review ratings.

We highly recommend these 10 electronic deer repellent devices. This is because electronic deer inhibitors have always been considered important for safety.

Fear without action is only a temporary threat. However, because they provide better output, the number of people who use it is increasing. We appreciate your efforts to drive the deer with these electronic deer repellents!


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