Top 7 Deer Resistant Flowering Shrubs

Top 7 Deer Resistant Flowering Shrubs

Shrubs are the plants that do not grow taller. They usually grow a bit taller above the ground level. Almost every garden has several trees, flowers, and many ornamental plants. But people in the areas prone to deer visits worry about the activity of deer to eat the plants in the garden.

deer resistant flowering shrubs

A garden should have a number of plants with flowers to look beautiful. However, certain flowers attract the deer to eat. In general, the deer feed on the plants and shrubs that are reachable to their height. Propitiously, there are a number of shrubs which are flowering and also resist deer.

Top 7 Deer Resistant Flowering Shrubs

Among the number of flowering shrubs available, we have picked those that are both looking good as well as produce a pleasant fragrance that repels deer. They include,


The perilla which is named Perilla Magilla botanically is a shrub with leaves having a combination of green, magenta and pink color with the pale pink colored flowers. They grow well in the areas that have shades. They grow between 2 to 3 feet tall. It requires only a medium quantity of watering. To grow well and photosynthesize, they need full sun to partial shade light.


Lantana camera is a shrub which is toxic to all grazing deer. They are capable of growing in both hot and dry climatic conditions as a trail or a mound. Also, they can be easily grown in containers as they grow to a height between 3 to 4 feet tall and they require full sunlight for photosynthesis and a medium water requirement.


The ageratum houstanianum shrub flowers blue with a combination of white and yellow colors. The plant is toxic to the deer. They grow up to a height of 1 to 2 ½ feet tall. The shrub requires full sun to partial shade light for producing food with a medium water requirement.

Globe amaranth

The globe amaranth is scientifically known as Gomphrena globosa and it flowers purple and looks electrifying. They are capable of growing up to 1 to 2 feet tall and can be grown in containers. They require full sunlight with a medium water requirement.

Eastern sweetshrub

The Calycanthus floridas is commonly known as the eastern sweetshrub. They are also known as Carolina allspice or strawberry bush. The flowers of this plant are wine red in color. Each variety of the plant has a distinct scent and some do not have a fragrance at all. The wine red-flowered shrub emits a fruity scent along with the leaves emitting a spicy aroma. They grow up to 6 feet to 10 feet tall in a partial shade light area with a medium water requirement.

Winter daphne

The shrub Daphne odor is commonly known as winter daphne as it blossoms in the early winter season and emits a stimulating scent. The shrub is green in color with a yellow outlined leaves. They are capable of growing up to 3 to 4 feet tall to fit in a small container. It requires medium watering and can grow in partial shade.


It is botanically termed as Caryopteris spp. It is a small shrub with dark blue or purple colored flower. The leaves of the shrub emit a fragrance and the flowers emerge resembling a twisted nail. They grow up to 3 to 4 feet at a full light condition with a minimum water requirement.

These are the 7 flowering shrubs that are deer resistant. Apart from the above shrubs, there are many other shrubs those blossoms to produce a sweet fragrance along with benefitting in repelling deer. Make a research on the availability of the shrub in your locality and pick the one which smells good to you.


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