What Do Deers Eat?- Deer Nutrition

What Do Deers Eat?- Deer Nutrition

The nutrition of deer varies from season to season and from deer to deer. During summer, food they consume is completely different from those consumed at the time of winter. At the time of fall, it consumes the fallen leaves and during autumn they eat the grasses and plants. While others are fond of eating nuts and other weeds.

What Do Deers Eat

What do deers eat?

While talking about the deer, “what do deers eat?” is the common query that arises in your mind.  Last year when I visited the zoo, I came to know about the foods they eat. Especially, the deer prefer nuts than the other food items.


They consume nuts like acorns, beechnuts, hickory nuts, and pecans; the oak trees produce acorns. Deer is fond of eating the nuts from the white oak trees as it tastes sweeter than the than the ones from the red oak trees.


The deer obtain energy from the sugars of the fruits. The favored fruits which the deer eat are apples, persimmons, and sumac heads. It is not considered as a major diet for deer as it is available in smaller quantities.  As it is a seasonal nutrition, it won’t be available all the times. The deer can get fruits during the summer and the autumn season.

Grasses and Mushrooms

It loves to eat grass, plants, flowering weeds, fallen leaves, twigs, buds, and perennials. The deer consume the mushrooms that grow on the decayed dead organic matter. Even if they produce harmful effects to the human beings, it is consumed by the deer. The mushrooms play a vital role in providing the highest level of nutrition to the deer. It consumes leaves of hardwood trees and shrubs like maple, ash, alder, willow, hazel, etc.

Farm Crops

The deer is fond of eating the cultivated vegetables like beans, potatoes, soya beans, wheat, rye, etc.  It feeds on all kind of grains as it gives enough strength and energy to the deer.


It refers to the herbaceous plants which include, wildflowers and weedy plants and provides the greatest nutrition to the deer.

It consumes plenty of plants for nutritional gain. If you like this review, share with your friends on social networking sites.

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