11 Ways to Keep Deer Away From Hostas

11 Ways to Keep Deer Away From Hostas

Deer is one of the wild animal loved by every people when compared to other animals out there, but Deer acts a significant problem for the hosta lovers. People who have the garden or yard will suffer a lot from these deer as they damage the hostas and other leafy vegetables, plants, and fruits from their garden.

Keep Deer Away

It gives heartbreaking and frustrating feel when they find their beautiful and lush garden left out with the chewed off stems. This can be avoided by making a scarecrow or by other tricks, today we will check out the top ways you can try to eliminate the deer reaching your hostas.

Tips for keeping Deer away from Hostas

Proceed below to check out the few ways through which you can save your hostas from the deer.

Wireless Deer Fence

The deer fence is considered to be proven and effective method to eliminate the deer entering your garden; you can save your hostas from the deer through a deer training device that smells sweet. This will provide the negative reinforcement to the deer and stop them from reaching your hostas.

Deer Scram

You can make use of the granular repellents which will stop the deep from reaching your hostas and other vegetables, plants, shrubs, trees and flowers in your garden. Go with the natural ones rather than picking the synthetic repellents.


This is a repellent that is based on the odor; this will deter the deer and other pests reaching your garden or yard so that your hostas are saved from them before damage.

Liquid Fence

This is a liquid repellent which you will require to spray over the plants, but make sure you do not spray when there is a direct sunlight because this will burn the plants. The spray scent will provide the negative feelings to the deer, other pests and stop them from reaching your hostas.


Deer gets scared of dogs as they bark when they see them, this is also an efficient and straightforward method for stopping the deer from entering your garden.

Installing a Fence

Fence installation is an expensive method but you can safeguard your hostas and other fruits, plants, vegetables, trees, and shrubs, etc. from pests and deers easily. If you are ready, then make sure your fence is 8 to 10 inches high so that deer will find difficulties in reaching the top.

Human Hair

Spread your hair or any of human hair over your garden area; this is also a proven and straightforward method to safeguard your hostas and other plants from deer.

Say no to Fragrant Hostas.

Deer get attracted by the fragrant hostas smell, so it’s better to avoid them if you have a number of deer nearby your garden or place.

Never Feed the Deer

If you feed the deer once, they start coming again for the food. So never feed them to save your hostas and other plants in your garden.

Light and Noise Deterrents

Make use of the sound and sensor lights so that they get flashed when there is a sign of deer or other pests near your garden area, the light will scare and keep them away from your hostas. They get frightened by noise too, so you can also try radio sound when the deer is nearby.


This is the best method to keep your hostas and other plants safe from the deer; they get scared of the scarecrows. You can make these scarecrows of your own; you can check out the site for the making of the scarecrows in our blog.

Final thoughts

Keep following any of the above ways to stop the deer from entering your garden and damaging your hostas and other plants.

Any ideas, suggestion, and queries are welcome.

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