Natural Deer Repellent-5 Best Ways Of Repelling

Natural Deer Repellent-5 Best Ways Of Repelling

A common problem experienced by many people with yards is the predators. These predators explore the garden and damage the crops present in the garden. Hence, the garden should be kept safe from all those predators.

Natural deer repellent

Among all the predators, deer is the one that causes extreme damage in the garden. The deer enter into the yard and attack the useful things present in the yard. So, this deer should be avoided from exploring the yard.

Natural deer repellent

A deer repellent is the only way to keep the deer away from the garden. There are many types of deer repellent available in the market. Among them, the natural deer repellent is very important because it does not cause any harm to the predators and soil. The important methods that can be used to repel the deer naturally are listed below.

Homemade methods

There are many homemade methods used to eradicate the deer completely from the yard. Among which, the best homemade deer repellent methods include using the ingredients such as garlic, egg etc.

Garlic is also the easiest way to eradicate the deer effectively. In addition to this, the garlic juice can also be used to prepare the spray; by applying this spray in the soil and plants, deer can be avoided. Using egg will supply protein to plants and will avoid the deer for up to 60 days.


The dog is termed as the natural predator of deer. Deer hate dogs and avoids entering the garden where dogs are present. The dogs should be allowed to roam freely in the garden because the chained up dogs do not do the function effectively.

Dogs roaming around the garden will have other uses also. The urine of the dogs restricts deer entering into the garden. Also, avoid using small dogs in the yard, because the large and medium sized dogs will perform this function effectively when compared to the small sized dogs.

By plant deterrents

Deer often reaches a place and examines the place with the help of smell. So, using plants with heavy odor will eradicate the deer effectively. Also, plants with silver foliage and fuzzy leaves will also eradicate the deer from entering the yard.

However, these plants should be planted in your yard effectively to get rid of the deer.The common plants used are purple coneflower, iris, yucca, etc.

With hair

Hair is an effective deterrent that repels deer from the yard.  You can spread the hair easily in the garden floors to avoid deer entry. Also, hiding the hair in mud helps to eradicate deer. Other than this, hair can also be stuffed in the socks and hanged in the vegetable garden. These measures will avoid deer to enter the garden.


Bobbex is a deer repellent that is more effective than any other spray in the market. The key feature of the bobbex spray is that it is purely made up of natural ingredients. It uses 6 ingredients to eradicate the deer from the yard. Apart from deer, this spray can also eliminate other predictors such as rabbit, mouse, and elk, from exploring the yard.

These are the top 5 important ways to avoid the deer naturally. Follow these ways and keep your garden safe from deer and other predators. Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.

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