Five Flowers Deer Won’t Eat

Five Flowers Deer Won’t Eat

Deer destroys the beauty of the garden by feeding on the plants when in hunger. However, there are plants, trees, and flowers that are not favored by the deer and the deer won’t eat them.

Five Flowers Deer Won't Eat

Growing the deer resistant flowers around the garden helps to protect the garden without harming the deer. So, one can grow  these type of plants  around your house without any fear.

Flowers deer won’t eat

The list of flowers deer won’t eat include,

Delphinium Pacific Giant King Arthur

The color of the flower is purple. The flower attracts the butterfly but, it resists the deer. The flower blooms between early summers to midsummer. It is considered as one of the flowers deer won’t eat.


It is red in color and consists of sword-shaped leaves with a funnel shaped blossoms. This flower produces a scent, which is used to repel the deer. Further, it can be maintained very easily. It grows well in the acidic soil and it blooms at the time of May or June.


It is available in more than 50 species and it blooms at the time of summer. The marigolds produce a chemical scent which repels the insects and animals.  Even if they are toxic, they are harmless to the deer. The bitter flavor of the marigolds  helps to deter the deer.


The color of the flower is pink. It produces a fragrant smell which plays a vital role in repelling the deer. It mostly prefers moist soil. In a single day, it requires receiving at least 6 hours of sunlight. They are small and can grow even in the containers very easily.


This flower blooms at the time of summer. The foliage of the vinca is dark green and leathery in structure. It has five petals. The height of the plant depends on its variety. It has the capacity to tolerate all weather conditions.   

You can grow these above-mentioned plants in your garden to repel the deer. If you are aware of any other deer repellent flowers, write to us so that we will include them too.

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