Deer Proof Garden- Types And Methods

Deer Proof Garden- Types And Methods

Most of the gardeners wish to implement a deer proof garden and protect their plants, vegetables, trees, flowers, and herbs against the deer entering inside the garden. In general, the deer proof garden can be obtained with respect to numerous factors such as the size of the garden, different varieties of deer around to the garden, type of plants to be grown, and the controlling measures.

Methods to Implement the Deer Proof Garden

Types of fencing for deer proof garden

There are different types of fencing available and the best ones are listed below.

Tall fencing: With the tall fencing, the deer finds difficult to get inside the garden; the eight-inch height of fencing is highly recommended to prevent the deer from jumping into the garden.

Slanted fencing: The slanted fencing is implemented with the height of 6 inches at an angle of 45 degree which is more effective in resisting the deer to jump over the garden.

Double fencing: The dual fencing works well in repelling the deer against the garden. This dual fencing is much wider in width to avoid the deer jump over the garden.

Electrical fencing: The electrical fencing is the great deer barrier method. It is implemented with two electrified wiring fences of about 30 inches of the underground surface. This arrangement further resists the deer to get inside the garden.

Modified fencing: The modified fencing is the shorter fencing when compared to the other types of the fencing as it further adds an extension with the help of the mesh wire stretched over the garden to resist the deer entering into the garden. This modified fencing adds additional length than the original fence implemented already.

Methods to resist the Deer

The deer proofing techniques are generally based on the various factor described as follows. Once the fencing is chosen and implemented, the next important thing to make note is to make use of the deer repellent plant. Most of the deer feed on the selective plants. So, it is suggested to plant the deer repellent plants around your fencing area to effectively repel the deer from your garden.

The best method to repel the deer out of the garden is to make use of the deer repellent sprays. The smell from the plant, makes the deer hate the plant and avoid it from eating. The deer repellent spray is of bad taste and odor, it encourages the deer to stay out of the garden. The effective ingredients such as garlic and rotten eggs work well in repelling the deer against the garden when the spray is applied on the plants.

Using the threatening animals such as wolves and dogs, it is easy to resist the deer out of the garden. High-frequency sound equipment is used in the garden to resist the deer from getting inside the garden. The dog mason device threatens the deer to stay out of the garden. With these strategies, protect your garden from the deer.

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