Variegated Monkey Grass as a Deer Repellent

Variegated Monkey Grass as a Deer Repellent

In general, most of the deer feels attraction towards the different plants; depending on the habits and food items, it varies from one place to another place. To avoid this, most of the garden owner protect their lawn by using an electric fence or a deer repellent plant according to the region. Among all the deer repellent plants, variegated monkey grass works well in repelling the deer out of the garden.

Variegated Monkey Grass as a Deer Repellent

The variegated monkey grass is one of the most popular deer repellent plants mostly found in the southern regions; it requires only less maintenance. It tolerates shallow type soil and drought and also repels deer as they grow to be thicker.

Varieties of variegated monkey grass

There are different types of variegated monkey grass belonging to two families; Liriope or Ophiopogon. They grow up to 15 inches high. Their varieties include,

Liriope Muscari: It is the most commonly used plant for bordering the fence, edge bedding, and walk paths and it usually blooms with the purple colored berries with spikes.

Spicata: It is effective for the troubling regions such as slopes. This type of monkey grass further reduces the foliage in the gardening. It is effective in repelling the deer out of the garden to safeguard the plants and animals.

Ophiopogon Japonicus: It is also named as Mondo Grass and is smaller in outlook. It is dark in color with 12 inches of height; it suits the shade regions which are intolerant to the sun.

Dwarf Mondo: It is usually grown along the walker’s pathway. It looks dramatic and black in color.

Why variegated monkey grass?

The variegated monkey grass is tough on nailing for fencing.  It has the ability to tolerate the drought and wet condition during the summer seasons. I have tried lots of plants to resist the deer but among those, only the variegated monkey grass worked well in repelling the deer out of my garden. I strongly suggest this plant because of  its notable features which include easy care, tolerant capacity, soil adaptability and treating the disease of the plants.

Steps to take care of the variegated monkey grass

The variegated monkey grass plant is easy to identify and care. It can tolerate the heat over the plants. Choosing the right monkey grass for fencing will serve the purpose of repelling deer effectively. Follow the steps below to take care of it.

  • Regular monitoring should be implemented in the months of February and March for the new growth.
  • Great care should be given regarding the drainage requirements when compared to the other plants.
  • Constantly, clean the damaged leaves formed on the monkey grass plant.
  • It requires low maintenance on gardening these kinds of plants over the fencing, to repel the deer away.


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