How to Keep Deer Out Of the Vegetable Garden?

How to Keep Deer Out Of the Vegetable Garden?

In the case of the seasoned gardens, it is dreadful about the deer as they eat over 10 pounds of vegetables and plants from the garden. Deer used to feed on the cropped vegetables from the garden for except the garlic, onions, and tomatoes, which are not favored by the deer. Most of the deer prefer to eat beans, cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts, and lettuce.

How to Keep Deer Out Of the Vegetable Garden

Steps to identify the deer tracks

The first and the foremost step in keeping deer away is to track their hoof prints. The steps involved in tracking the deer hoof prints are as follows.

  • The deer tracks are usually up and down, heart shaped prints over the soil.
  • With the dropping of the deer, it is easy to find the presence of deer in the garden.
  • The torn leaves left behind the plants in the garden indicate the tracking of the deer.

How to keep deer out of the vegetable garden?

Here are the guideways which help to protect the entrance of the deer to the garden and avoid damage to the vegetables.

  • Make use of the barriers such as plastic netting, floating row covers, and chicken wires around the garden to keep deer out of the vegetables. Create a fence with the height of above 15 feet around the garden to protect the vegetables from the deer.
  • Avoid using the light weighted polypropylene fencing as it can be easily damaged by the deer. Make use of the double fencing so that the deer does not jump over the larger width double fencing arrangements.
  • Use the scaring tactics with the help of the pet animals such as dogs to get rid of the deer out of the vegetable garden. Implement squirt water pouring, high-frequency sound emission, and automated horror voice scaring equipment to threaten the deer.
  • With the human or predator’s urine, frighten them for the presence of human and restrict them to visit the garden.

It is best to plant the deer repellent plants according to your regions in and around the garden fencing areas to repel the deer against the vegetables planted inside the garden.

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